Harlot Church is a band formed in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, that relocated to Los Angeles, USA, sometime during their hiatus. The sound back in 2013 was a more aggressive stoner punk sound, incorporating the occult, bleak poetry, and self deprivation lyrically, more associated with the doom genre. Founding members Ian "Hippi" Buttery (drums, ex-Charger) and Jim Palmer (guitar, ex-Charger and ex-Murder One) left the band in 2015 and are now members of (Hippi) The Blasted Oak and Jim now plays with Ragging Speedhorn. They are still credited as musicians to date. Patrick J, (bass, guitars, and vocals), now in Los Angeles, USA, is the remaining? But in-active member.

A dark ritual of self degradation summoned territory once deemed, "one step too far." As heavy drug use and alcoholism continued through the most active years, no official music ever emerged. All but forgotten, the E.P. release 'V' on Future Noise Recordings in 2022, 8 years after disappearing, was a surprise, with a sound now more psychedelic, bleak, and bathed in raw filth.

This new darker maturity rejects boring formulas and lifeless productions in favor of channeling the experimental swagger of old telepathic energy locked into an audible groove. And most arrogantly perched on the precipice of a total meltdown, constantly putting their hands in the fire.

Another release is imminent.